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Kromesis was established in 2015 with one mission: to bring a real way to help you work out when you don't feel like you can do it on your own when you can't see results, or don't feel as if it's working...

​Your body is Incredible. As you are doing any type of physical activity running, working out, or playing softball, your body does some pretty amazing things to achieve its highest performance level. Blood flow increases, veins and arteries expand/contract, calorie burn increases, muscles dilate, and your body temperature increases. You are a phenomenal machine! All this vital information is lost because out of the 5 common senses we have: Feel, Taste, Hearing, Smell, and Sight, you are only able to use one when you are physically active feel. 1 out of 5!Now with Kromesis, you can add another sense to the mix, Sight. Kromesis is the first activewear that allows you to see your muscles in action during physical activity.Kromesis lets you finally see which muscle groups are being affected by your physical activities and which ones are not. Now you can make adjustments on the fly without guessing other shirt anywhere has that capability until now.

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